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MousePire Episode 41: “Who’s that lady?”


MousePire Episode 41: “Who’s that lady?”

In this week’s episode we cover breaking news about the end of Disney Infinity. Find out our immediate reactions and what we think the future holds for Disney Interactive. Star Wars Day was last week and Disneyland actually had some stuff going on. Hear about all the merchandise, trivia contests, and photo spots… Oh wait, there was only one photo spot. Good job Disney.  Speaking of Star Wars, Michael the Mail Guy’s Light vs Dark event was this past weekend and it was awesome!  Also Shanghai, #FatTimeInTheParks, Grad Nites, and much more on this overstaffed episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!



MousePire Episode 40: “Bruce Wayne Day”


MousePire Episode 40: “Bruce Wayne Day”

In this week’s episode Digs and Anthony start out by talking about our experience going to the Captain America: Civil War advance screening. We saw a great film, got some goodies, and ended up in a group picture where no one can see us. It was Dapper AND Bats Day at Disneyland this past weekend so of course we were there dressed for the occasion. We’ve got a very special transmission from Michael the Mail Guy. Also Zootopia, Jungle Cruise, Tower of Terror rumors, and much more on this 40th episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

MousePire Episode 37: “Where’s Bubba!”


MousePire Episode 37: “Where’s Bubba!”
In this week’s episode we discuss the Rogue One trailer release. Hear our thoughts on AT-AT’s, Mon Mothma, and Forrest Whitaker. We returned to DCA’s Food & Wine Festival to investigate the missing cheese & sausage plate, a lower price on the tasting pass, and whether Bubba had tried all the food yet. More attraction themed Tsum Tsums are coming to the parks and there’s always room for one more. Also Dancing With the Stars, Vegas road trip, Gone Hollywood, and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Star Wars Podcast Award 2nd Nomination

SW Podcast Awards II


 Our MousePire Podcast has been nominated for a Star Wars Podcast Award in ENSEMBLE CAST. Please take time to vote for us. Voting end March 3rd. 

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Star Wars Podcast Awards

SW Podcast Awards

Woohoo! We are part of the semifinal nominees for the Star Wars Podcast Awards in Editing/Production Value. Please take a minute and vote to get us to the semis! Voting end March 2 at 10pm EST. Thank you!


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MousePire Episode 20: “Order Now!”



MousePire Episode 20: “Order Now!”

In this week’s episode we’ve literally just came from seeing the new Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple show at Disneyland. We give you our thoughts on it and share whether it is better than the old one. We also verified reports of a certain popcorn bucket raising in price. Digs got himself something Disney and Star Wars related for Christmas. Find out what it is and some other news on that particular product. There’s a winner in the great gonk droid challenge and we congratulate them on their victory. Also Dick Van Dyke, Snow White, Disneyland Today, and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

It’s The Music, The Music!!

Ep 18 pic

We’re back from a brief one week hiatus to bring you our complete coverage of Season Of The Force before Digs loses his voice. Space Mountain just got more awesome, Star Tours got a new scene, Tomorrowland Terrace got themed food, and the former Innoventions got a new occupant! So much going on!! We have some Star Wars themed deserts to discuss in a special edition of #FatTimeInTheParks. Plus Jedi Training Academy, an AP Party, Viva Navidad, and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!