Star Wars Podcast Award 2nd Nomination

SW Podcast Awards II


 Our MousePire Podcast has been nominated for a Star Wars Podcast Award in ENSEMBLE CAST. Please take time to vote for us. Voting end March 3rd. 

We appreciate your vote. Shadow, Pumbaa and I work hard to put out a fun, informative and entertaining show every week. So please hit the link and give us a vote. It takes no time at all. Vote for MousePIRE. Thanks

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MousePire Episode 30: “Disneyland 60 Seconds”


MousePire Episode 30: “Disneyland 60 Seconds”
In this week’s episode we talk about the Disneyland 60th special on Wonderful World of Disney. Hear our thoughts on it as well as some of our listeners. Most wanted to know who the heck Derek Hough is and Anthony agrees with them. We talk about how awesome Dick Van Dyke is and discuss the Star Wars Land segment. Apparently someone must be listening to our podcast because Toontown is finally getting a new paint job. Also #ShareYourEars, banana corn dogs, emails and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!






Star Wars Podcast Awards

SW Podcast Awards

Woohoo! We are part of the semifinal nominees for the Star Wars Podcast Awards in Editing/Production Value. Please take a minute and vote to get us to the semis! Voting end March 2 at 10pm EST. Thank you!


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MousePire Episode 27: “A Tortilla?!”

MousePire Episode 27: “A Tortilla?!”
In this week’s episode we give our initial thoughts on the AP Days activities at Disneyland. We’ll tell you the highlights and what areas need improvement. Even though the trains aren’t running right now that doesn’t mean you can’t go take pictures and learn cool facts, because we did exactly that. One show has returned to the Royal Theater, another is coming back soon, and a certain chilly show is on its way out. Also Zootopia, River Belle Terrace, another contest, and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!