MousePire Episode 15: Don’t Be Rude

MousePire Episode 15: Don’t Be Rude
In this week’s episode we’ve got the cast announcement for Disney’s Zootopia and find out what funny connections this film will have with Frozen.  Disneyland might be doing two fireworks shows a night during Thanksgiving week.  We tell you the which, why, when, and what the heck.  Shadow is back from his convalescence to give his thoughts about the Halloween Party.  Also Disney Infinity, Her Universe, emails and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Disney to add second Firework showing



During Thanksgiving week, Nov 21-28, Disneyland will have two showings of the Disneyland Forever Firework Show. Times for the shows are 6:30pm and 9:30pm.  Why two shows? Well, Disney is trying to reduce the amount of people in the park, since most people leave after the fireworks.  As of now this is only during Thanksgiving week. If this works we might see this during the busy Christmas season. We will discuss this in our next podcast.