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MousePire Episode 43: “Billy Dee Sings The Blues”


MousePire Episode 43: “Billy Dee Sings The Blues”

In this week’s episode we cover the premiere of Frozen: Live at the Hyperion in California Adventure. Hear our thoughts about the show, the effects, and the singing. Was it good, or are we ready to “Let it Go”? On the weekend we joined the Skywalking Through Neverland podcast for Star Wars Reads Day in Rancho Cuca-monga! We had good times, nice weather, and Billy Dee Williams! Join us for an extended #FatTimeInTheParks with a special guest. Also AP popcorn buckets, Dory After Dark, Mary Poppins, and more on this Frozentastic episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!



MousePire Episode 17: I Don’t Like Peppermint!


MousePire Episode 17:  I Don’t Like Peppermint!

In this week’s episode it’s almost Christmas time at Disneyland and we’ve got all the info on everything to eat during the holidays from candy canes to funnel cake. Season of the Force is upon us and we’ve got a few last minute things to tell you about. Star Trader is all Star Wars, all the time and Her Universe has a lot to do with it. Also trailers, Aladdin, The Rose Parade, and more on this episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!